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What we’re fighting for

We, the undersigned, hope to heal the fracture this situation has caused between the Archdiocese and many members of the Alter and Ohio Catholic communities. By opening a dialogue with you, Archbishop Schnurr, we strive to bring about the following changes, as noted in our May 4 letter:

    1. 1. The Archdiocese removes the Catholic principles conduct clause, in perpetuity, from their teacher-minister contracts, in accordance with Catholic teachings.
      2. The Archdiocese take this opportunity to further the mission of the Catholic faith by formulating and enacting a thorough and well-intentioned plan to welcome back those who have historically been treated as unequal in the eyes of the Church (e.g.: LGBTQ+ individuals, divorcees, single parents, etc.) and others who are directly mentioned in the existing Catholic conduct and principles clause

By signing this petition, I fully support these requests and believe these actions are necessary to ensure our schools are safe havens not only for students, but all who search for Christ through the Catholic faith, including faculty and staff members and the community at large. I also agree to have my name included on a physical copy of the letter that will be sent to the Archbishop on May 18

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