Cut the Clause

Cut the Clause is a movement created by a few Alter High School alumni who, having once been proud to be Alter Knights, would like to feel that way again. Ranging in age and callings, each of us believes strongly in a future for the Catholic Church and our alma mater where all are accepted and nurtured, no matter who or how you love, or what “sins” you may have committed.

We are not currently involved with any special interest groups and receive no outside funding – we’re just ordinary people who couldn’t stand silent while injustice happened in our community.

Rachel Woeste is a lifelong practicing Catholic and Class of 2015 Alter Alumna. Michael Shuey, before leaving the church in 2017, was a lifelong Catholic and is a Class of 2010 Alter Alumnus. Alexis Winters is a a lifelong practicing Catholic and Class of 2012 Alter Alumna.